TaoTronics Humidifier TT-AH001 Review

TaoTronics Humidifier TT-AH001 Review

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Takeaway: Adds humidity for comfort and relief from dry air.

This particular humidifier works well and has several useful features. In addition to three fan settings which output high, medium or low mist, it also has a timer so you can have it shut off after a specified amount of time. There's also a humidistat which allows you to set the humidity saturation percentage you want for the room.

The tank on this unit holds about 1 gallon of water, and how long that lasts depends on what settings you use. For example, if you set it on 95% humidity at the highest fan setting, it won't last as long as if you had put everything at its lowest settings. The power cord is just under 5 ft long and the unit is made of semi-durable plastic. The plastic is lightweight, so I don't think it'll survive a drop from a significant height onto a hard surface. The finish is a shiny white and the tank has a transparent blue strip so you can monitor the water level. There is a cleaning brush for the transducer underneath the tank.

There's a filter in this humidifier, though I'm not sure what it is made out of. The filter is cleanable (with white vinegar) and reusable which is good since I didn't see an option to order replacement filters. The nightlight isn't intensely bright, but it does provide a lot of light to the room. I also liked that the unit has shutoff protection when the unit is out of water so you don't burn it out by running it on empty (which I've done before).

When first using the unit, I noticed a pretty strong smell, kind of like chlorine/iodine; the smell was noticeable, but not bothersome, when the unit was operating. However, it dissipated over time and I no longer notice it. The instructions actually recommend airing the unit out for 30 minutes before use for this reason. The unit is quiet when it's operating and outputs a good amount of mist at full blast. On the lowest setting, you can't see the mist but you can feel it coming out the top. In the winter, the air in my home is very dry with the heat running constantly. As a result we have to deal with dry, itchy skin and using a humidifier has helped with these symptoms.

All in all I found that the humidifier works well, provides a bunch of handy features.

Buy it at Amazon: TaoTronics Humidifier TT-AH001 [Affiliate Link]


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