Ulikit Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk Review

Ulikit Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk Review

Buy it at Amazon: Ulikit Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk [Affiliate Link] UPDATED: All discount codes are gone and the promotional period mentioned in the video is now finished.

Takeaway: Clean modern look with natural wood grain pattern, easy assembly, lightweight but sturdy and durable under a decent load.

The desk arrives flat packed so there will be some assembly required. The frame of the deck is all hollow steel bars that are pre-drilled and threaded for easy assembly with the included hardware. The desktop surface is made of wood with a glossy black veneer finish. All the parts in the box are either marked directly on the part or on the bag they're contained in, so in order to keep track of which part is which, don't unwrap them until you're ready to use it during assembly. The pack of hardware also includes a small screwdriver and wrench that you'll need for the assembly. You may also need a rubber mallet which is not included.

Included is a multi-page set of illustrated instructions, without words. Although it may look a bit daunting, it's actually pretty straight forward and if you watch my full review video, I'll show you exactly how to put it together. Assembly takes less than an hour if doing it alone but may go fater with some help. When fully assembled, you'll have one spare piece of each of the bolts and nut. The finish of the surface of the desk is glossy and slightly rough with a wood grain pattern. The desk feels pretty lightweight and is easily picked up and moved by two people but can also support at least 30 lbs or more. In my setup, I have my computer LCD monitor, with keyboard in front, mouse, printer, speakers, and other accessories on the long side and still have plenty of room on the short side to use. The length of the long side is about 66" to the wall and the length of the short side is about 48" to the wall; the height from the floor is about 29". I now have plenty of addition work space from the angled side of the desk that I can easily turn to when not working on the computer. The one thing about the open back design is that all your cables will be visible underneath so if that's going to bother you, it's worth implementing some sort of cable management and organization to hide it. I also like that my office chair can slide completely under the desk, including the arms.

Overall, this is computer desk is functional, feels durable, has a clean look and style, and was easily assembled in less than an hour. It gives me plenty of room to work with on top and space underneath for the computer or short file cabinet.

Buy it at Amazon: Ulikit Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk [Affiliate Link]


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